sede Karmek One Pellet stoves and Woodstoves

Karmek One has a solid experience in the production of stoves and boilers for household heating

Karmek One is an Italian company on the market since 2001, specialized in pellet stoves with forced ventilation, natural convection, high efficiency pellet boilers, pellet thermo-stoves Hydro and Hydro/Air stoves production. All Karmek One stoves and boilers, totally made in Italy, offer a wide range of powers to meet every household.

Tecnology and aesthetics

Developed into an area of 15.000 square meters, with 3 production and logistic buildings and 50 employers, Karmek One offers an efficient R&D service, of design and production of innovating eco-friendly solutions. Its assets are: design and mechanical domestic production, qualified technical personnel employment, 100% made in Italy product, quality components use, assembly wholly done in our facilities, an accurate checking and detailed tests of all products, to grant the best performances to the final user.

Green Approach Karmek One Pellet stoves and Woodstoves

Performance and environmental protection

Pellet stoves, pellet thermo-stoves and boilers Karmek One, distinguish themselves for the excellent functioning, characterized by a high thermal performance and by a very small carbon monoxide emission. To prove a real process and product excellence, all our products are EN 14785:2006 and EN 303-5:2012 strictly certified.

Pellet Karmek One

Pellet heating

Pellet is aneconomic, practical, natural and ecologic combustible, obtained from pressed wood chips of the best untreated wood. This pressing, gives the pellet an energy density which amounts to around double the wood one, determining a high calorific value, a long lasting combustion, low humidity (less than 12%), a very low ashes component and reduced CO2 emissions value.

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