Forced air ventilated pellet stoves,
Air ducted pellet stoves,
Natural convection pellet stoves


Practicality is the main feature of the forced ventilation pellet stoves Karmek One. Turning on/off the stove, heating adjustment and its consequent diffusion into the ambient, could be managed or programmed by a remote control in complete independence.

The ducted air pellet stoves allow to use the air pellet stove as a full heating system. It can also spread out the warm air in different rooms or floors assuring, at the same time, an excellent comfort equal to that achieved in the room where the stove has been installed. This system allows to move warm air through flexible vents, properly insulated and easy installable. The warm air flows at the floor level through specific air vents equipped with flow regulation.

In the natural convection stoves, with self-cleaning system, the heating diffusion comes by natural convective motion and radiation, with low electrical consumptions. Moreover, by the new Self-Cleaning BrazierĀ®, patented by Karmek One, the cleaning of the stoves shall be done just once per month, rather than other models that require cleaning before every ignition of the stove. Maximum comfort and exceptional silence.

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