Lisbona S1


Forced ventilated air pellet stoves

  • Steel

Lisbona S1 Forced ventilated air pellet stoves Karmek One Conto Termico Karmek One

Technical Features

Stufa a pellet per la produzione di aria calda a convezione forzata con:

  • struttura in acciaio
  • rivestimento in acciaio
  • braciere in ghisa
  • scarico fumi posteriore

Steel version - Dimensions: 466x532x923 mm

Introduced power : 9,55 kW

Convection and radiation power output : 8,33 kW

Power performance : 87,22 %

Heatable volume : 120 - 238 m³

Hourly consumption: 0,92 - 1,97 Kg/h

Rated power absorption : 80 W

Tank capacity: 15 kg

Mimimum stroke: 10 Pa

Smoke outlet diameter: 80 mm

Steel version - Weight: 95 Kg

* All figures are indicatives. Karmek One shall reserve the right to amend models of its production, at any time and without prior notice, in event of product improving.


  • N1000 ROSSO
  • N1001 BEIGE
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